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ERP (SAP & Oracle Apps ) Services

Services rendered with deep domain knowledge to ensure effective results in the business operations.

    I.T Expandability/Feasibility Study Services- to ensure the organization to become more process driven with use of advanced I.T. Applications like ERP Products or suitable services for I.T enhancement and drive the existing business process and the business to become more compliant for implementation of performance oriented applications like SAP or Oracle Apps.

Resources can be optimized with our support to bring-in desired expertise into the place.

    Our IT consulting professionals possess leadership skills along with required business intelligence in the marketplace. We work in tandem with our clients in offering unified solutions and services that suit their needs.

AVYAYA Technologies, with vast experience in the field of consulting, support clients in all the phases of consulting:

Consulting that ensures continual improvement in process in business

    Our Project Consulting Services Include
  •   Individual courses pertain to specific areas of interests allowing trainees to get the information they need in a timely fashion.
  •   Multiple courses can be strung together to produce learning tracks ranging from two to five days in length.
  •   Our range of courses, ensuring we have the right course for you no matter what your requirements are.
  •   The majority of our courses use hands-on sessions to reinforce the theory.
  •   Furthermore our instructor's knowledge is not limited to what's in the book; this allows a flexible approach with instructors answering related questions outside the course content.