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Java (Core Java,Adv Java,J2EE)

       Java is robust, well-established language with a rich eco-system of tools for solving just about any problem. Because of its maturity and popularity, learning Java is a great way to land a software development job in just about any market.

About this Course

       Java is an Object Oriented Programming language. Literally everything you interact with is an object, so understanding them is critical to your Java foundational base. In this course, we will learn how to create, use and express ideas using objects

Application of Java

       Java is widely used in every corner of world and of human life. Java is not only used in softwares but is also widely used in designing hardware controlling software components. There are more than 930 million JRE downloads each year and 3 billion mobile phones run java.

Following are some other usage of Java :

  1. Developing Desktop Applications
  2. Web Applications like, etc
  3. Mobile Operating System like Android
  4. Embedded Systems
  5. Robotics and games etc.

Features of Java

       The prime reason behind creation of Java was to bring portability and security feature into a computer language. Beside these two major features, there were many other features that played an important role in moulding out the final form of this outstanding language. Those features are :