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MS Office

       Microsoft Office training courses at Avyaya Technologies offer you the latest version of MS Office Suite along with various upgrades to make your work easier and more streamlined. Taking up MS Office certifications will not only make you aware of all the new tools and functions available, but also help you make the most of your Office operations. The course focuses on Word Expert training, Excel Expert training and PowerPoint training.

Microsoft Office Excel

       Microsoft Office Excel Expert course is planned for those candidates who have an established track of working with MS Excel and a desire to display their advanced knowledge. After completing this course, participants will become skillful with advanced functions, data analysis tools and formulas. Students will also be able to look up data with functions and execute advanced date and time functions.

Microsoft Office Word

       Microsoft Certification can take students from start of their profession to its peak.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint

       Being part of MS Office suite, Microsoft PowerPoint is a feature-packed presentation program that allows business users to quickly create dynamic presentations and deliver them with greater impact to an audience. This training program provides a comprehensive look at the features and functionalities of PowerPoint that are frequently used most frequently by the users. This PowerPoint training is intended not only for corporate users, but also for students and instructors who need to use visual aids to convey information. PowerPoint presentations can be used to create impressive marketing material, product plans, reports and complex slideshows. You also learn to jump within slides, move back and forth, mark up and drill down, etc.