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Photoshop CS6

About this Course

        Photoshop Foundations teaches the knowledge and skills relating to Adobe Photoshop that are most relevant for a web design professional. The lessons learned here provide a solid foundation for studying more advanced Photoshop topics.

Workspace Basics

        This basic knowledge of the Adobe Photoshop workspace will provide a better understanding of the menus and toolbar, and how to better manage the windows and panels that make up the program's user interface.

Workspace Basics

        In this series of Tutorials, we'll be introduced to the two primary masks we can create in Photoshop - vector masks and pixel masks. We'll also learn how the quick selection and refine edge tool, brushes, vector shapes and gradients can be used to get the most of Photoshop's layer masks.

Type Tools

        In this series of videos, we'll be introduced to the type tool in Photoshop. We'll learn the basics of creating and editing type, introduced the character and paragraph panel, and techniques for typing on and in a path. We'll also learn about smart objects and how they can be helpful to preserve editing capabilities when applying effects to type.

Workflow Basics

        In this stage, we'll learn how to set up our work environment, learn best practices for managing our workflow, and what it means to become a non-destructive designer. We will also learn some tips for managing our time. When you're done, you'll have the skills often overlooked that will maximize your workflow when designing user interfaces for the web